Maximum ergonomics for the operator

It allows quick clamping of the hose, efficiently and safely, with maximum ergonomics for the operator in just 3 steps.

Open the lid
Insert the hose
Clamp the hose

For hoses with high pressure and adverse conditions

Fire-Clamp is specially designed to be used when the hose is working with high pressure and adverse conditions.

Reduces muscle fatigue when clamping hoses

Fire-Clamp is designed for the operator to make the effort in the most symmetrical and ergonomic way possible. Performing “rowing machine-like” arm traction that allows work with a higher order muscle group such as the back.


Ergonomics, speed and safety

Ergonomic and safe work

  • Prevents injuries and overexertion.
  • Work of high order muscle group.
  • Symmetrical work regarding the body’s center of gravity.
  • The force is applied by the operator from outside to inside (traction), according to the regulations of hand tools.
  • Handles follow hand tool standards.
  • Symmetrical movement of the device in relation to the axis of the hose.

Hose protection

  • Clamps with corrugated pressure zone for better adaptability of the hose during shut off.
  • Whirl that moves the device over the hose, improving the adaptability to the shape changing of the hose.
  • Clamps with progressive brake zone to prevent the device from slipping over the hose when opening the pressure in the clamped hose zone, if the conditions are unfavorable (very high pressure and / or wet hose), avoiding cuts, rubbing or marks on the hose.
  • You do not need extra space of the hose to perform the maneuver.

Minimum maneuvering time

  • Minimum maneuvering time, without the risk of a “water hammer”.
  • From 2 to 3 seconds, depending on the pressure (up to 40 bar / 600psi).