Specialized tools

to fight wild land fire

Flexible hose clamping tool for wildland firefighting

Clamping device for flexible, pressurized hoses, Fire-Clamp, specially designed to be used when working with high pressure and adverse conditions. The most common case is the extinction of forest fire with water lines of considerable length, carried out by the emergency services.

Maximum functionality; speed, efficiency and safety

Fire-Clamp devices stand out from the rest by having a number of requirements that are essential for the use of a device with these characteristics. The requirements that act as central pillars are safety and good ergonomics of the operator and other actors working on the water line.

More safety for the firefighter in the hose shut-off

The safe lid system and the synchronized arms, allow, even in situations of compromised visibility, humidity, high temperature, pressure, etc., the device not to cause damage to the operator, so that the clamping can be carried out with the maximum guarantees.

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